Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ones who should know me but really dont know me

sometimes i wonder what people think of me. i am just drummer, a musician a dancer . i do tahitian, hawaiian, polynesian arts. alot of the people close to me think i have just started drumming and they act like i don't know amything. that just because they tried a local group and there friends dance in it that it is the best group. then they ask my opinion and get mad at me. don't i have all right to voice my opinion? i never grew up learning my culture . yes i was surrounded by bits and pieces of it but i was never taught of where my people came from or the music . i learned it 10 years ago and im still learning. alot of people think i drum... they dont see the cultural aspect of what i do. they don't know in the tahitian underground i am a brother to many talented people. sometimes it makes me mad that my own blood sometimes avoids my opinion. i have been doing this for so many years and i havent just been drumming mindlessly i have been learning what my forefathers learned . so why push me aside? this may seem like a rant because it is. people view me as a kid that doesn't know it all. but i know what i know and i will continue to keep my polynesian roots alive

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 weeks out of surgery

This post is mostly for me to look back on if i feel i am falling backwards. i am lucky to be recoving so fast that i am 6 weeks ahead of schedule. some motions are hard. right now i am working on overhead motions. my goal is by next tuesday to be comfortable  to do these withour the assistence of my left arm.
my goals
- by week 8 to have reached my overhead range of motion
- on week 6 i started working out, my goal is to make it consistent and do the exersises given to me.
- 2 to 3 days of 30 mins of cardio a week
-work on nutrition
-stretch everyday
-workout the muscles that i am able to use like legs and abs
-wake up at 6am everyday and be productive

im a athlete fanatic, i  respect athletes who train hard . like Pacman's speed and endurance.
my goal is to better my health and to be a better drummer and dancer.
aite thats all for now , ill post later

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

something about my wife

my wife is my bestfriend, my partner in crime , my go to person and sometimes we are like oil and water , we never mix. but through the thick and then we seem to always be stronger then that. we met 3 years ago and been married for almost 2. we have been through hella shit together some good and some bad . everyday is like a new lesson moods change alot. fighting is horrible between us , its like a competition eho is right and who is wrong. but the purpose of this entry isnt to talk smack but its to say this
i love you Amanda! THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY SHIT ,i know that alot of the things we have been through is things you havent been through in life and im sorry that you have to go thru it. one day we will be living our dreams so dont worry. dont ever think i dont appreciate the little things you do. i know you get mad that i always say i drive everywhere and blah blah blah which is true. but the little things you do mean the most to me. so dont ever think i stop loving you cuz every second i love you more and more even when we fight i stare off somewhere or at you and just wonder what are you  doing with a guy like me . ill never know but all that matters is you mine and only mine . in closing i just gotta say that i love you

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Idols Heikura Nui

If you follow Tahitian Drumming Heikura Nui from Tahiti are the Best of the Best in Tahitian drumming. there ensembles consist of Pure Mana, cleanliness , creativity and fun. i can remember when i first started learning Tahtian and i listened to a Heikura Nui Cd and i was so amazed by there sound.i would waste my life savings to go to Tahiti to meet them. after ten years of Drumming i have had the priviledge to not only meet but drum and socialize with them at this past Hura Tahiti competition.  i don't know where to begin. we took a workshop that they put on and i was nervous. one by one the workshoppies played what they asked us too which was simple but nerves were ticking. everytime they got to me i'd drum the beat and they would smile and talk amongst themselves and point at my hand. i wish i knew what they were saying but there was a big language gap.we then took a break and they pulled me aside while one of the guys translated for Augustin, Atchoun and Temaeva . they told me i am good and that i have a good whip and to keep it up and to just play around when we get back in, we went in did Pa'ea and they looked at me and smiled then we did takato and Augustin looked at me an pointed at his stick and made the whip sign , so i ran takoto wid them and i hung in there.after that they smiled then moved on. then they came out and did a drumming presentation which was tight and clean . simple beats but at a nice pace and strong. after they smiled and said good job.the next day i get to the comp and they all come out and see me and they came up to me and hugged and said Iaorana and small talked and joked all day. but sunday was the best day. besides laughing and joking with Heikura Nui, and watching alot of groups drum.Augustin and Joel pulled me aside to sit on the grass and talk drumming. they gave me tips , patterns and we listened to a group drum and they told me what they where doing that was wrong.

i was so excited and just overwhelmed by this experience and humbled. i never thought i'd sit with my idols and learn.
they kept saying if i come to Tahiti i drum with Heikura nui.
i am still stoked and i bought my Heikura Nui shirt . i really wish my drummers coulda expierenced what i did. and i can;t wait to share it with them.
and that was just the drummers.
Uncle Gerard is a really funny man. like a big kid. Uncle Gerard is the "Papa" of Tahiti not to be confused with "Papi" two different people. as i was backstage helping Tyler get ready i was showing tyler how to afata and uncle came by tied his shirt up and said like this and did a faarapu. throughout the day as i we passed he would always hug me and say "VAI HAU NUI" then he would crack a joke. like he was eating a bag of cheeze its and he saw me eating a granola bar and he grabbed it and said "this why you skinny", "this make you go Bathroom too much" then he laughed so hard and handed me the cheeze its and said "eat boy" . me standing there puzzled uncle says"i joking, me love you". another joke was when i asked if he was ok cuz he was having a hard time walking. i asked him"uncle you ok? hows ur leg?" and he laughs and says "leg fine,uncle just wants to look cool with sunglasses and Cane" then he laughed. btw his cane was all carved up it was tight.
wheni said goodbye to uncle when amanda went to pee or poop i dont really know maybe she poopeed? hahaha
anyways uncle gave me a big hug and said " i love you cuz you love Tahiti and you help VHN" ,"you are VHN and Heikura Nui", "when you come Tahiti you drum and become Heikura Nui".

never did i think any of this would be happening in my entire life. i thought i'd just buy a ticket to tahiti and the heiva just to only watch Heikura Nui.
honestly i dont know what brought me here maybe it was God who knows all i know is im thankful and humbled. i do owe a big thank you to my wife though for not only entering solos and making me drive all the way to LA. but thanking here for letting me help VHN that day they needed me. it was a blessing in disguise.
well ima hit the sheets cuz my wife wants to use the cpu hahaha

A in Depth Look on Who I Am

Howzit i am Toerebangin but my Real Name is Olin. From the point of views of others i am a chill guy , in the view of my own eyes sometimes i am a enigmatic individual that be a enemy to myself. i am Hawaiian and filipino descent and mostly proud of being Hawaiian Descent because there are too many Filipino people in this world. i am a son, a brother Etc but most of all i am a Husband to my beautiful wife Amanda. i am the type of person who has been rock bottom b4 over and over and i believe that keeping your head up and having a good life is what is needed. i am a musician! music is my poetic way of expressing myself. i play guitar,bass , various tahitian drums and most notably the Ukulele.
other than that i don't really wanna gloat. so if u got anything you wanna learn let me know