Sunday, June 19, 2011

A in Depth Look on Who I Am

Howzit i am Toerebangin but my Real Name is Olin. From the point of views of others i am a chill guy , in the view of my own eyes sometimes i am a enigmatic individual that be a enemy to myself. i am Hawaiian and filipino descent and mostly proud of being Hawaiian Descent because there are too many Filipino people in this world. i am a son, a brother Etc but most of all i am a Husband to my beautiful wife Amanda. i am the type of person who has been rock bottom b4 over and over and i believe that keeping your head up and having a good life is what is needed. i am a musician! music is my poetic way of expressing myself. i play guitar,bass , various tahitian drums and most notably the Ukulele.
other than that i don't really wanna gloat. so if u got anything you wanna learn let me know

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