Wednesday, June 22, 2011

something about my wife

my wife is my bestfriend, my partner in crime , my go to person and sometimes we are like oil and water , we never mix. but through the thick and then we seem to always be stronger then that. we met 3 years ago and been married for almost 2. we have been through hella shit together some good and some bad . everyday is like a new lesson moods change alot. fighting is horrible between us , its like a competition eho is right and who is wrong. but the purpose of this entry isnt to talk smack but its to say this
i love you Amanda! THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY SHIT ,i know that alot of the things we have been through is things you havent been through in life and im sorry that you have to go thru it. one day we will be living our dreams so dont worry. dont ever think i dont appreciate the little things you do. i know you get mad that i always say i drive everywhere and blah blah blah which is true. but the little things you do mean the most to me. so dont ever think i stop loving you cuz every second i love you more and more even when we fight i stare off somewhere or at you and just wonder what are you  doing with a guy like me . ill never know but all that matters is you mine and only mine . in closing i just gotta say that i love you

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