Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ones who should know me but really dont know me

sometimes i wonder what people think of me. i am just drummer, a musician a dancer . i do tahitian, hawaiian, polynesian arts. alot of the people close to me think i have just started drumming and they act like i don't know amything. that just because they tried a local group and there friends dance in it that it is the best group. then they ask my opinion and get mad at me. don't i have all right to voice my opinion? i never grew up learning my culture . yes i was surrounded by bits and pieces of it but i was never taught of where my people came from or the music . i learned it 10 years ago and im still learning. alot of people think i drum... they dont see the cultural aspect of what i do. they don't know in the tahitian underground i am a brother to many talented people. sometimes it makes me mad that my own blood sometimes avoids my opinion. i have been doing this for so many years and i havent just been drumming mindlessly i have been learning what my forefathers learned . so why push me aside? this may seem like a rant because it is. people view me as a kid that doesn't know it all. but i know what i know and i will continue to keep my polynesian roots alive

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  1. I agree completely. I am a percussionist myself, been so since the fourth grade. I understand, it is an art that has such a diverse meaning through every culture. What people don't understand is that we all are beginners and we all will remain beginners forever because of the infinite amount of knowledge there is. However, the ones that press forward for more knowledge are the ones we should praise for they are the ones who can understand. People will always try to push you aside and dismiss you but as long as your moving forward and constantly trying to better yourself and those around you then there is nothing anybody can ever take away from you. Stay Strong so that your strength can then empower others.

    -Anthony S. Finley