Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 weeks out of surgery

This post is mostly for me to look back on if i feel i am falling backwards. i am lucky to be recoving so fast that i am 6 weeks ahead of schedule. some motions are hard. right now i am working on overhead motions. my goal is by next tuesday to be comfortable  to do these withour the assistence of my left arm.
my goals
- by week 8 to have reached my overhead range of motion
- on week 6 i started working out, my goal is to make it consistent and do the exersises given to me.
- 2 to 3 days of 30 mins of cardio a week
-work on nutrition
-stretch everyday
-workout the muscles that i am able to use like legs and abs
-wake up at 6am everyday and be productive

im a athlete fanatic, i  respect athletes who train hard . like Pacman's speed and endurance.
my goal is to better my health and to be a better drummer and dancer.
aite thats all for now , ill post later

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